• Sarah Chudnow to Host Book Discussion by Wisconsin Author, Lisa Paul



Sarah Chudnow to Host Book Discussion by Wisconsin Author, Lisa Paul

The Sarah Chudnow Community is hosting a book discussion led by Wisconsin native, Lisa Paul, on her new book, Swimming in the Daylight: An American Student, a Soviet Dissident, and the Gift of Hope. The discussion will be held on April 26 at 2 p.m.

The historical memoir tells the story of Paul’s experience as an American college student working as a nanny in Moscow in the mid-1980s and her involvement in the fight for human rights in the former U.S.S.R.

Anne Garrels, Senior Foreign Correspondent for National Public Radio and former ABC Moscow correspondent, said in a book review on Paul’s website, “Lisa Paul is in a rare position. She was a witness at the end of the Soviet Union... This story provides a personal window into that world and what it took for those who lived in it to survive. In today’s Russia this story is ever more powerful as memories die, and authoritarianism comes back.”
Paul, who currently resides in Milwaukee, has received numerous awards from the Jewish community for her activism on behalf of Russian refuseniks — individuals who were denied permission to emigrate abroad by the former Soviet Union government. Most notably, Paul went on a 25-day hunger strike to draw awareness to the plight of Moscow native Inna Kitrosskaya Meiman who, as Jewish dissident and refusenik-cancer patient, was repeatedly denied the right to obtain a visa to leave the U.S.S.R. to receive cancer treatment.

In addition to a discussion on the new book, Paul is offering an event promotion; for those who buy one book, they will receive one free copy, provided the free book is given to a young person. Light refreshments will be served at the event.

Supported by the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation