New Orleans Injury Attorney Must Know More Than Just The Law

The moment we get the call that someone we love was in a serious accident, we immediately pray to let our loved one live. Sometimes when our prayers are answered, it comes with a steep cost – the life left to our love one is not much of life at all. Serious traumatic brain injuries will let us hug and hold our loved ones, but the person we knew; the person we laughed with; or debated politics with is gone forever. Beyond the staggering emotional impact, a spouse is not only left to attempt to replace the lost earnings of a debilitated partner and raise a family alone – but is now further required to provide the extensive attention needed by the injured love one. The impact on a parent’s life after a child suffers a brain injury is even more pronounced and devastating. During this unfortunate tragedy, it is not the time to trust an inexperienced attorney.

At The Cueria Law Firm, Brent Cueria, a brain injury lawyer that not only knows the law but understands the emotionally devastating effects on your life. With everything that is going on, you need the right brain injury attorney to help you. His outstanding reputation is the assurance that you need to put your family’s life back together.

According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 1.4 million people suffer brain injuries every year in the United States, of which 50,000 die and 235,000 are hospitalized. The Center for Disease Control further reports that there are currently 5.3 Americans that need help performing their daily activities because of brain injuries.

A brain injury can result in loss of intellectual capacity, paralysis, memory issues, severe headaches, depression, weakness, loss of body function, speech impairment and loss coordination. Following brain injuries, victims’ sense of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell can suffer a decrease or increase in sensitivity, or a complete loss altogether. Additionally, a brain injury can substantially change the personality of a loved one – making a previously happy go lucky person into a short-tempered or spiteful person. A formerly active person can become perpetually fatigued after a brain injury. The severity of the injury will determine the extent of the damage.

Representing a victim of traumatic brain injury requires medical and legal expertise. This lawyer has nationwide contacts of medical experts with the expertise to evaluate damage to the brain and present their findings at trial, in addition to the victim’s prognosis. For the assurance that your loved one is in good hands, this lawyer will work diligently so that your family receives the compensation that it deserves for the extensive injuries your loved one sustained.

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