Covington Injury Attorney Offers Personalized Attention To Clients

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, you may wonder if you qualify for compensation and how much money you are entitled to for your injuries. Personal injury claims vary from case to case. The settlement depends on several factors, such as the victim’s degree of injury, the net worth of the business or individual at fault, hospital bills, and other damages. The most beneficial action to protect your interests is to hire an experienced attorney whose expertise is personal injury cases.

The types of personal injury claims vary. One typical example of a personal injury lawsuit is an automobile accident. If you were a passenger in another person’s vehicle, and that person got into an accident because of failure to observe traffic signals, you may be entitled to compensation. The same rule applies if a drunken driver struck you or riding with someone who was texting while driving. Neglect is the key word that creates an opportunity for fund recovery.

To know if you qualify for personal injury claims, contact The Upton Law Form. Tim Upton is a legal expert who has devoted his life defending injured clients so that they receive the compensation they deserve to get their life back on track. Insurance companies often make low offers to settle the case outside of court. Never discuss the details of your case with an insurance company without the advice of your attorney. Insurance companies are in the business of making money rather than paying out claims.

Tim Upton works hard for his clients on a contingency fee basis. He does not receive payments from the injured client until he has won the case. Therefore, there is no charge unless he wins the case. To schedule a free consultation and start proceedings, visit The Upton Law Firm, LLC.

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